Sandro Wagner grieving about new Bayern player signings.

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Sandro Wagner has questioned whether the signing of new Bayern Munich players will be good enough to help the Bundesliga champions this football season.

Former Germany striker Sandro Wagner has doubted the Bayern Munich signing of new players this summer. Is reasonable and good enough to help the Bundesliga win the Champions League Ndesliga this season. UFABET According to reports from ‘Sport 1’ on Monday. 

Bayern Munich have signed five new players: Sadio Mane, Matthijs de Ligt, Mathis Tel, Ryan Grafenberg and Nuss. Zaire Masraoui, but Wagner has questioned whether the Bundesliga side’s summer business will help them win the Beer City title this season. 

‘When you look at each team transfer It has to see if each move makes sense or not. Does it make sense to bring De Ligt for €70 million when you have Niki Sule and maybe keep him? Mane is a big name. He’s a great player for the Bundesliga. But in the dribbling position, Bayern is not very necessary.’

‘If you want to change the system because you don’t have a striker. It makes sense again,’ Wagner said of the loss of Robert Lewandowski to Barcelona this summer. 

However, Wagner agrees the signing of Mazraoui would be a great addition to the Tigers’ squad: ‘Adding Mazraoui to stand out is an exciting move because Munich have. Trouble moving forward at right-back’