How to play Sic Bo online?

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Playing Sic Bo will consist of a shaking device and 3 dice in a container. By playing Sic Bo online. It will use the method of shaking from the shaking device. And packed in transparent containers No problem with changing dice. When opening the glass itself, dice. How to play will let friends place bets before shaking starts.

Low points are points 3-10,
high points are points 11-18
Where friends can place high-low as usual, winning chance 50%, payout rate 1 times of the bet amount, in the case of placing points such as bet 1 2 3 4. 5 6 according to the page, the payout rate is 1 dice that guessed correctly = 3 times the amount of money, for example, bet 3 and dice out 3 points, 3 balls, get 9 times the amount that bet itself.UFABET

Interesting online Holi betting techniques.

Sic Bo game is a game in which the result of losing. And winning depends on the sum of all 3 dice by an interesting technique of Bet on Sic Bo online to make profits. That is using mathematical principles. Probability comes to help, that is, players must evaluate the results in the past 4-5 eyes, for example, if the result is always high. You can continue to go down. with a greater than 70% chance of the outcome of a dice roll. Will come out like the statistics in the previous 4-5 eyes. Which can be used for numerical bets as well. By considering choosing the numbers that come out the most which may need to be considered in retrospect Statistics go back hours or days.