Is “mineral water” really more useful than “plain water”?

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We may have seen some advertisements about drinking natural mineral water through the media. These mineral waters are often advertised as having health benefits. And it’s a better alternative than drinking plain water. but in fact Is drinking mineral water really good for health as they say? Is mineral water really more useful than plain water? Find out the answer from this article of Hello Doctor.

What is mineral water?

Mineral water refers to water obtained from natural springs. These waters are water that accumulates beneath the ground. and sprung up in the area of ​​the river which will become natural water sources such as rivers, canals, marshes or lakes depending on the amount of water and surrounding geography

same with name Mineral water is water that contains minerals. The type and amount of minerals in that mineral water. may be different It depends on what source the water is from. but usually Minerals that are commonly found in mineral water are usually the following minerals.

  • Calcium (Calcium)
  • Magnesium
  • Bicarbonate (Bicarbonate)
  • Sodium (Sodium)
  • Potassium
  • Chloride (Chloride)
  • Fluoride (Fluoride)

In addition, mineral water may contain naturally occurring carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide). Makes it look fizzy like soda. But this carbon dioxide is often removed during the bottling process. Makes it possible to get mineral water that is not fizzy And has the same taste as normal water

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set regulations regarding mineral water that Water must be mineralized at a minimum of 250 parts per million, and mineral additives are not permitted during bottling. So it can be called natural mineral water.

Benefits of drinking mineral water

  • good for bone and teeth health

Mineral water usually contains relatively high amounts of calcium minerals. This calcium is an important component in maintaining the strength of bones and teeth. Drinking mineral water makes our bodies get more calcium. It’s different from drinking plain water that doesn’t contain calcium. The fluoride contained in mineral water can also help protect teeth.

  • good for heart health

Research has found that Drinking mineral water may help lower your cholesterol levels. (Cholesterol) within the blood increases the amount of good fat (HDL). In addition, potassium can be found in mineral water. It may also help lower blood pressure. All of which are good for heart health together.

  • Help relieve constipation.

high magnesium mineral water May be able to help prevent and treat constipation. by helping to absorb water into the intestines and helps relax the muscles of the intestines soften the stool and easier to excrete.

Disadvantages of drinking mineral water

  • There may be stomach upset.

Some people who drink mineral water may experience upset stomach, abdominal pain, flatulence, and flatulence because mineral water often contains carbon dioxide naturally. Especially those with acid reflux disease should avoid drinking carbonated water.

  • May contain microplastic contamination.

Most of the natural mineral water that you can buy. Usually contained in a plastic water bottle. causing the contamination of microplastics (Microplastics) or small plastic. which may be harmful to health

Drinking mineral water is better than plain water, right?

Many people believe drinking mineral water is beneficial than drinking plain water Because mineral water contains many nutrients and minerals, it is probably better than drinking plain water. It is pure water that does not contain any minerals and nutrients.

but in reality Although drinking mineral water may provide more nutrients than drinking plain water, it’s true. But the amount of minerals that can be found in mineral water. It’s not much or different from the minerals that we might get from eating normally. Drinking mineral water may only contribute to increasing your intake of those minerals. But it’s not particularly large enough to have any effect on the body.

On the other hand, some people believe that drinking mineral water is better than plain water. It may be drinking mineral water in excess. Until resulting in water poisoning which can become life-threatening

Finally, mineral water is just another alternative to supplement the nutrients your body needs. If you want to choose to drink mineral water instead of drinking water. should choose to drink, but in moderation and eating other foods complete the main five groups as well Our body will receive enough nutrients to meet the needs of the body itself.